My Current Media Center System

So here is the hardware list for my Windows 7 Media Center: 

  • Hauppauge HD-PVR with build 28171 of their new Media Center service
  • 2x SiliconDust HDHomeRun as ATSC Tuners
  • Microsoft XBox360 as extenders
  • 52" Samsung LED backlit LCD LNT5281F Display
  • Samsung HW-C700 AV Receiver
  • Dish VIP222
  • Win7 RTM Ultimate x64
  • Intel DH57JG ITX form factor
  • Intel X-25M G2 SSD OS drive
  • Sony BC-5600S Slot load BluRay Drive
  • Intel Core i5 660 (Hyper Threading off)
  • SansDigital TR5-M with 7TB of disks in JBOD
Here is what the computer looks like outside:  
and inside with Blu-Ray drive removed:


Some of these hardware decisions were a well thought out success, and others were, well, not so much.  As time goes one, I’ll explain some of my choices.  I will say though that I can’t recommend building this exact system because I sometimes saturate the CPU at 100% when running both extenders and this is the fastest CPU in existence that can go into this rig (because I need the onboard video)…  But, one of the key pieces of hardware I use to get closer to perfection is actually not listed here…  for neatness, I’ll continue in another post. 


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Relentless Pursuit of Media Center Perfection

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment
Well, I’m constantly changing my Media Center, tweaking and tuning and it’s about time I started posting more detail.  In the past I have tended to dump what probably should be in a blog, on various forums.  But, I wanted a distinct place to dump what I’ve been doing, partly so I have something I can go back to refer to and partly for others to benefit.  My first Blog will be about my existing system.